Alison Blunt

After studying classical violin at Birmingham Conservatoire and continuing to develop performance and creative skills at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Alison Blunt’s interests led her into creating and performing utilising intuitive music practices. Amidst more purely musical activities in the UK and internationally with various ensembles and projects, several of which she was a co-founder, Alison maintains a long-standing interest in interdisciplinary performance, regularly collaborating with playwrights, poets, visual artists, film-makers, dancers and theatre practitioners. 

She has worked with wide array of music artists including (alphabetically listed) Renee Baker, Cristiano Calcagnile, Viv Corringham, Paul Dunmall, John Edwards, Pete Flood, Annette Giesriegl, Maria Gstättner, Elisabeth Harnik, Stefan Heckel, Anna Kaluza, Josef Klammer, Audrey Lauro, Hannah Marshall, Gianni Mimmo, Maggie Nicols, Rieko Okuda, Evan Parker, Avreeayl Ra, Mark Sanders, Ignaz Schick, Peer Schlechta, Ricardo Tejero, Beibei Wang, Ute Wasserman, Trevor Watts, Veryan Weston and with many contemporary and experimental ensembles including Apartment House (UK), Barrel (UK), Barcode Quartet (AT), Berlin and London Improvisers Orchestras, HANAM Quintet (DE), Pierette Ensemble (DK), Sestetto Internazionale (EU) and occasionally as a soloist. 

With around 30 albums released featuring her playing and many recordings aired on BBC radio and international equivalents, Alison’s voice is also occasionally heard in interview. 

Her musical involvement in community and education spheres both close to home and internationally is informed by long study and consideration of a wide range of pedagogic approaches and philosophies and frequently integrates improvisation, world folk musics, vocalisation and movement. 

“Blunt herself has the same spontaneous attitude for superb control of timbre and sound, while remaining utterly free in her inventiveness" 
Steff Gijssels, FREE JAZZ BLOG