Pierpaolo Martino

Pierpaolo Martino is a double‐bass and electric bass player based in Italy. He currently co‐leads and the avant-trio The Lenox Brothers (with Gianni Mimmo and Francesco Cusa) and the post‐rock ensemble Mondegreen. He plays in improv contexts with Frequency Disasters, a trio led by Steve Beresford, The Dinner Party with Adrian Northover and Vladimir Miller, in duo with British guitarist Dave Tucker and in duo with Italian guitarist Enrico Merlin. He also performs in solo with his project Bass Star. A double‐bass tribute to David Bowie.

He has played with, among others, Sabir Mateen, Marc Ducret, Steve Potts, Vinny Golia, Mark Dresser, Gunter Baby Sommer, Ig Henneman, Ab Bars, Lawrence Casserley, Phill Wachsmann, Eugenio Colombo, Ove Volquartz, Sue Lynch, Roberto Ottaviano, Neil Metcalfe, Alan Tomlinson and Gianni Lenoci (with whom he co-led the ensemble Machine).

He is Senior Lecturer of English Literature at the University of Bari, Italy; he has authored monographs on Virginia Woolf, David Bowie and on The Language of Music in English Literature from Shakespeare to Salman Rushdie.