Thierry Waziniak

Thierry Waziniak drummer, percussionist.

Love to play free jazz with New York musicians Michaël Attias and John Hébert.
Create with the pianist, cellist Gaël Mevel a very rich compositional universe or mixes written and improvised.
Play with Jacques Di Donato in the "Trio Rives" minimalist music summoning all possible of the memory.
Explode in the improvised free rock trio "We Free" with Pascal Bréchet and Colin Mc Kellar.
Phrasing between the infinitely large and the infinitely small with the drummer Didier Lasserre in the duet "Twigs".
Big band in the big orchestra of 15 improvisers "Système Friche II" by Xavier Charles and Jacques Di Donato.
Play against the images of silent film masterpieces by Sjöström, Naruse or Ozu.
But also be on stage with the pleasure of singing by over-amplifying the cooking, peeling and cutting of fruits and vegetables for the cooking theater shows "The rumors of my hand".
Find yourself in solo.

Surround the audience to 7 musicians in the group "The Circle" and hit crystal glasses or a stationmaster's trumpet before blowing into a bamboo.
Stalking the sound and scrolls of brushes with the Japanese calligrapher Yukako Matsui.
Work to create a live book with the poet Zéno Bianu and the painter Marc Feld.
Accompany the balances of the funambulist sculptor Jérôme Aussibal.
Seek the way in the voice of the performer Isabelle Duthoit and European flute master Shakuhachi Daniel Lifermann.
Bring Japan and Italy together with pianist Yoko Miura and saxophonist Gianni Mimmo.
Rebuilding the standards of pop music with Urbees.
Participate in the dismantling of the largest power plant in Europe with the dancers of the company "Tangible".
Infuse in Monk's music with Pascal Bréchet.

Honor Chet Baker with saxophonist Steve Potts.
Mix the acoustic electronics in the duet Poza Tym with Gwennaëlle Roulleau machines.
Cross the wall of the sound with the 2 basses and violin of the improbable group iAK.
Do not be worried and stay happy in the DWBH with Franz Hautzinger
Thierry Waziniak is co-founder of Label Rives.
His work is acclaimed by international critics (Le Monde, 4-star Jazz Magazine, 4-star Penguin Jazz Guide, Citizen Jazz ...)