Rocco Parisi’s Bass Clarinet

The Rocco Parisi’s Bass Clarinet Quartet repertoire spans from classical to jazz to contemporary music.
Its interpretative freshness and the uncompromising research on the extended possibilities of the bass clarinet playing drove the ensemble to work on transcriptions of famous pieces by international acclaimed composers.
The amazing tonal colors the quartet can achieve made some contemporary composers write original pieces conceived for this special line-up and lead the band to perform live concerts and to have their work released on albums.
Their concert on July 2003 at the Salt Lake “CLARFEST” got a huge success of audience and excellent reviews. 
Two remarkable recordings deserve to be mentioned:
“Le Storie del Novecento” released by Nuova Era Records and “A tempo, A modo. Path Tracking Vito Marsico” released by Amirani Records in 2013.

This last album was dedicated to the late Italian bass clarinet: Vito Marsico, credited as the most gifted among Parisi’s pupils.
The quartet has been fathered by clarinet maverick Rocco Parisi who leads the ensemble calligraphy to a terrific attention to detail, intriguing textures and a wide sound nuances palette.