Peer Schlechta

Peer Schlechta regularly organizes concerts as an interpreter and improviser.
He received important suggestions in artistic organ playing in his work with historical instruments of various provenances as well as from Hans-Ola Ericsson, Bernhard Haas and Jean Guillou.
Studies in musicology and German philology completed his education.
Peer Schlechta, as an organ and bell expert, is dedicated to important subject-specific questions.
One work focuses on the study of the history and instruments of the organ-building dynasty Kohlen-Heeren-Kuhlmann-Euler from Gottsbüren and Hofgeismar.
He is also concerned with the further development of keyboard instruments, especially in the field of organ making.
Another field of work is for questions regarding the inventory and documentation of organ works.
Since 2006, Peer Schlechta has also been volunteering on the board of the International Association for Organ Documentation (IAOD)