Ove Volquartz

Player, improviser and composer in the fields of jazz and improvised music since the 70's. He originates from the German free jazz scene but developed to the more open field of improvised music. The treatment of musical timbre and the advanced techniques on deep clarinets, have become the distinguishing features of his style.

He worked with many important musicians like Cecil Taylor, Roscoe Mitchell, Peter Kowald, Gunter Hampel, Barre Phillips, Sabu Toyozumi, Perry Robinson, Peeter Uuskyla, Gianni Mimmo, Gianni Lenoci, among others.

On the other hand he works with pipe organ player Peer Schlechta and contemporary composers like Daniel Ott. Furthermore he more and more works in interaction projects with dancers like Tadashi Endo, painters, poetry or films. Volquartz played at many festivals like Moers, Leipzig, Leverkusen etc.

He toured as far as to Africa where he worked with drummer Kojo Samuels in Liberia. He recorded with Annexus Quam, Gunter Hampel, TAG Trio, Second Exit, and Cecil Taylor among others.

As a musicologist he worked about flow experiences in improvisation.