John Hughes

John Hughes is an American doublebassist, currently residing in Hamburg. He is an active member of the jazz and improv. community in Hamburg, performing regularly both in Hamburg and in Germany. John has worked with numerous groups and projects, dancers, poets, artists and light technicians. John has been organizing the occasional improv. concert in Hamburg since his arrival in 1998. In Nov. 2004, John curated the first, annual "Phenomorphonic" festival in the Christianskirche, Hamburg. This festival for experimental accoustic and electronic music brought together musicians from New York, Berlin, Switzerland, Italy, and Hamburg.
Johns' current associations include the improv. groups, "Tripwire"(L.Scherzberg , J.Arnal , J.Hughes) , "fünf" (L.VanHaussen , C.Ogiermann , H.Neumann , L.Scherzberg , J.Hughes), the electro/accoustic "HSW trio"(L.Scherzberg, N.Wiese, J.Hughes), "Immortal Vommiting Sound"(H.Wienert, C.Popple, J.Hughes), and duo colloborations with Italian pianist Alberto Braida, German saxophonist Lars Scherzberg, trumpeter Helmuth Neumann, American percussionist Chad Popple, and contrabass clarinetist Chris Heenan. John also composes and performes with the free jazz trio"CHIMERA" (R.Pifnitzka , C.Popple , J.Hughes). In 2005, John formed "Rocket No.9" together with Chad Popple, and M.Pfleiderer, a jazz group which focuses on presenting the music of the great composers of the past, such as Duke Ellington, Sun Ra, Thelonious Monk, and others.