Andrea "Ics" Ferarris

Born in 1974 Andrea Ferraris he’s a self-taught musician coming from a hardcore/experimental background, he started recording and touring Europe during the nineties with bands like Burning Defeat and Onefineday. While evolving his listenings and his technique he started playing with musicians hailing from an heterogeneous background be it rock, electronics, etc. With the passing of years he starts follows his attitude for experimental music, using more and more effects/instruments and different techniques and involving “cheap electronics” and/or laptop in the process. Actually he plays with the electro-acoustic ensemble Airchamber 3 and with the kraut-industrialist combo Ur. He’s played/collaborated/recorded with: Ulna, Gianni Mimmo, Maurizio Bianchi, Sil Muir, John Russell, Andrea Marutti (Amon/Never Known), Claudio Parodi, Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh, Hall of Mirrors), Michael Palace (Horchata) Marylin Tognolli (Kill the Thrill), Alessandro Cartolari (Anatrofobia), Nicola Guazzaloca, Matteo Uggeri (Hue/Sparkle in Grey), Luminance Ratio, Cria Cuervos, St.ride, Lonius, Valerio Zucca (Abstract Q/3EEM), Craig Hilton, Mujika Esel, One Fine Day, Alessandro Buzzi, Deep End, Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick, Burning Defeat, En, Permanent Scar, Polis, Bobby Soul/Contesti Scomodi
He has s a bunch of releases out on the following labels: Afe, Tophhet Prophet, Karlrecords, Camera Obscura, Taalem, Genet records, Green, Fratto 9 under the sky, Zahr, Shove, Household Name, Loveboat, Chewz
Andrea currently writes for Chaindlk ( ), Sands-zine (, Sodapop ( and among the others has interviewed: Lydia Lunch, Jarboe, Guy Marc (Sub Rosa), Taylor Deupree/12k, Mick Harris, Foetus, Marc Clifford (Seefeel/Disjecta), Tim Rutili (Red Red Meat/Califone), Maurizio Bianchi, Eraldo Bernocchi, Cerberus Shoal, Girls against Boys, Teho Teardo.