Earle Brown

May, 2018
CD Digipack
Gianni Lenoci

”The earliest and still predominant influences on my conceptual attitude toward art were the works of Alexander Calder and Jackson Pollock ... the integral but unpredictable ‘floating’ variations of a mobile, and the contextual ‘rightness’ of the results of Pollock’s directness and spontaneity in relation to the materials and his particular image of the work…as a total space (of time).”  

Earle Brown’s influence on the avant-garde community has been philosophical as well as tangible and practical. His conducting techniques and experiments with “time notation,” improvisation, and open-form compositional structure have become part of contemporary compositional usage. His musical friendships were legendary, from Bruno Maderna, who conducted first performances of many of Brown’s works, to jazz musicians such as Zoot Sims and Gerry Mulligan.

The sixth volume of Amirani Contemporary is dedicated to Earle Brown’ s music.
Here Gianni Lenoci leads us along the Brown’s milestones path. His interpretation delivers an intimate light to composer’s sound consistencies, to his vibrating silences, to his floating voicings with a magic intensity.

Recording made possible by a grant from The Earle Brown Music Foundation,  http://www.earle-brown.org , here is a great release that comes with a booklet including excerpts from Brown’s preparatory notes, from his “Some notes on composing”, Home Burial text by Robert Frost and “Listening” a liner signed by Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Language (Bari University) Augusto Ponzio.


Gianni Lenoci _Piano and Electronics

Recording _ March 29, 2016, Wave-Ahead Studio, Monopoli, Italy
Sound Engineer & mastering _  Mimmo Galizia
Liner notes _ Augusto Ponzio
Poem _ Home Burial by Robert Frost
Gianni Lenoci photo _ Niky Tauro
Graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca
Production _ Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

This recording was made possible by a grant from the Earle Brown Music Foundation (USA)