Double Exposure

April, 2022
CD Digipack
Francesco Massaro – Francesco Pellegrino

Sudden coming out of the abyss.
Adding other brackets, and darkness.
Finding a stand, a nest.
You can’t see me, and I am staring at you.
Standing before the final flood.
On the edge of silence, where insects and shadows swarm.
Time chipped into a stone.
Trampled love on a leaf.
Things that can’t be said, but just played.
Are you alive, or don’t you feel like it?
The acrobat looks over the ridge of a cliff plummeting into another void.
A face furrowed by other intentions.
Clouds and twentieth century winds sweep the clearing.
The breath of a Northern god.
Monumental tiny creatures’ birth anxiety.
Gifts we will not recognize.
A stubborn tree stretches out its gnarled hands.
Standing up to the slap, to the bora.
Electrical storms.
The tale fallen into a crevasse.
Before the end of time comes.
Tiny corners of epics.
Before going back into darkness without sound.
Two musicians breathing into their saxophones.
Paths in ice.
By the fire of pale silicon bonfires, music as from a distance.
Satori, noise.
Lightning, time, and thunder.
Children's marbles, raucous microphones.
All our demons’ insomnia.
End credits, the comet’s tail of the time.
Delicate apocalypse in a box.
Like an inhabited sea in the night of our world, someone repeats: "I am. I am. I am."

NAZIM COMUNALE [translation by Roseanne Rogosin]

Francesco Massaro and Francesco Pellegrino meet at the midpoint of a path taken from opposite sides. Double Exposure is a double focus, an impalpable deferment from which emerges a fertile hybrid field, an electroacoustic improvisation where the different derivations, saxophones, clarinets, live electronics and synthesis, give a double glance, an ephemeral balance point. An unstable matter, of an intense fibrillation of the elements.

Double Exposure was born from the meeting of two electro-acoustic musicians, Francesco Massaro and Francesco Pellegrino, triggered by the reciprocal following of their musical careers and artistic choices, leading to their coming together in Florence in June 2021, on the stage of the MurateArtDistrict.

They meet on their way; on the one hand Massaro, saxophonist and composer, is getting closer and closer to the world of electronics, especially real-time synthesis and live electronics; on the other Pellegrino was born as an electroacoustic musician and began to study clarinet and saxophone as a self-taught musician, merging acoustic research with electronic skills.

The duo stands right in the middle, in the art of improvisation, striving for research, quality and care of the sound, in the aim of making that spring shine.

  1. Double Exposure                    47:08
  2. Encore (*)                                   9:04

Francesco Massaro: baritone sax, bass clarinet, electronics
Francesco Pellegrino: tenor sax, clarinet, electronics

(*) Nazim Comunale: text and narrator

Music composed by Francesco Massaro and Francesco Pellegrino
Live recording at MAD- Murate Art District, Florence, Italy, 2021, June the 20th
Recording and sound engineering: Maurizio Montini
Mixing: Francesco Pellegrino
Cover photo: Thomas Goetzelt
Inside photo: Anita Barghigiani
Liner note: Nazim Comunale
Translation: Roseanne Rogosin
Graphics: Nicola Guazzaloca
Executive production: Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records
Special thanks to Mrs. Valentina Gensini, MAD board director and to Mr. Maurizio Montini